Feel Bad vs. Feel Badly

The age-old question: When you hurt someone’s feelings and later regret it, do you feel bad? Or do you feel badly? Short answer: You feel bad. Here’s the explanation: Bad is an adjective. Adjectives modify nouns. When we say, “Fred is a bad driver,” the adjective bad is modifying the noun driver. We can all agree on this. Badly is … Continue reading Feel Bad vs. Feel Badly

Assure vs. Ensure vs. Insure

Strictly speaking, assure, ensure and insure have three different meanings: You assure a person. You ensure an outcome. You insure something valuable. Take a look at assure. In all three of these sentences, we have people assuring other people: Florence assured Geoffrey that she would bring back the car with a full tank of gas.Restaurant management assured customers that the building … Continue reading Assure vs. Ensure vs. Insure

Which vs. That

Question: What’s wrong with the following sentence? I’m giving away all of my clothes which don’t fit me anymore. Answer: There should be a comma after clothes. Maybe. Or which should be changed to that. Maybe. The correct answer depends on the sentence’s intended meaning, and this is where the distinction between which and that comes in handy. Suppose we … Continue reading Which vs. That