Contractions are words like don’t, can’t, won’t, I’ll, you’d, she’s and they’re. Contractions usually conjoin two words, like do not into don’t and will not into won’t. Sometimes, they shorten one word, like cannot into can’t. Either way, contractions allow your writing to move along faster or take up less space (contract) on the page. I’m going to guess that when you … Continue reading Contractions

Complement vs. Compliment

A lot of people mix up complement and compliment. These two words have identical pronunciations, meaning they’re homophones. They have nearly identical spellings. Their definitions, however, are quite different from each other. Complement Complement can be a noun or a verb. When it’s a noun, it’s a thing that completes, enhances or improves something else. When it’s … Continue reading Complement vs. Compliment


I’d like to address the popular and false notion that it’s incorrect to end a sentence with a preposition.  But first, let’s remind ourselves what a preposition is. The preposition A preposition is a word that describes the relationship between a noun and another word in the sentence. Examples include after, before, between, among, in, out, with and without. (And some words, … Continue reading Prepositions